WEHAYA are seeking for skillful, talented, enthusiastic, positive driven attitude people into our organization with can-do personality that will grow with us.

If you have what it takes to be part of our dream team, do submit your complete CV’s to us. If the position that you are interested in is not available, don’t be disappointed. You are encouraged to submit your CV’s under general application. We will review your CV’s and register it into our record.

WEHAYA is hiring now!

  1. Metering Engineer
  2. Electrical Engineer
  3. Instrument Engineer
  4. Metering Technician
  5. Electrical Work Leaders
  6. Electrical Technician
  7. Electrical Technician (Labuan)
  8. Instrument Technician
  9. Electrical Chargeman H1
  10. Electrical Chargeman (B4-33kV / H3-33kV) – Sabah based
  11. Electrical Chargeman (B4-11kV / H3-11kV) – Sabah based
  12. Electrical Chargeman (B0-11kV / H1-11kV) – Sabah based
  13. Electrical Chargeman (B4-11kV / H3-11kV) – Sarawak based
  14. Personal Assistant (based in Miri)
  15. Document Controller
  16. Aviation Technician (Bintulu & Kota Kinabalu)
  17. HR Executive
  18. Administrative Assistant
  19. Procurement Assistant
  20. Rewinder cum Technician (Labuan-based)
  21. Firefighter (Miri & Bintulu)
  22. Executive (Quality Improvement)
  23. Technical Assistant
  24. Data Entry (Labuan-based)
  25. Senior Technical Support Assistant (Miri-based)
  26. Executive (Social Welfare)
  27. Executive Resource Management (West Malaysia-based)
  28. Senior HSE Executive (Marine Safety) - West Malaysia-based
  29. Senior Manager - Project Quality Management
  30. Sales Engineer (Miri-based)
  31. Executive (Finance / Cost Recovery)
  32. Various Vacancies - Miri-based (Sarawakians only)
  33. Various Vacancies in Oil & Gas
  34. Crane & HVAC Maintenance Specialist
  35. Document Controller (Labuan-based)
  36. Various vacancies (Sarawak-based)
  37. Executive, Procurement Business Excellence
  38. Various vacancies (Crane Operators)
  39. Executive (Offshore Self-Regulation)
  40. Inspector (Pipeline)
  41. IT Manager & Public Relations Officer (KL-based)
  42. Project Lead, Senior Process Safety Engineer, Coach
  43. Various Vacancies in Bintulu, Sarawak
  44. Vacancies (20.04.2021)
  45. Transportation and Installation Manager
  46. Material, Corrosion, & Inspection (MCI) Engineer
  47. Insulation Supervisor
  48. Business Development Manager
  49. Project Manager / Proposal Analyst
  50. Specialist Fractionation

Job opportunities with our clientele

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