Flow Meter Calibration Services

  • Turbine Meter
  • Positive Displacement Meter
  • Master Meter
  • Ultrasonic Meter
  • Coriolis Meter
  • Electromagnetic Meter
  • V Cone Meter
  • Vortex Flow Meter

Small Volume Prover / Pipe Prover Maintenance Services

  • Overhaul
  • SVP Volume Recertification (Water Draw)
  • Pipe Prover Volume Recertification (Master Meter Method)
  • Prover Computer Validation System
  • Prover Detector Switches Maintenance

Flow Measurement Validation Services (Gas & Liquid)

  • Custody Transfer
  • Allocation Metering
  • Class 3 Flow Metering (Flare and Well Test)

Independent Flow Measurement Metering Consultancy Services

Measurement Uncertainty Studies/Calculation for Fiscal or Allocation Metering

Third Party (Independent) Witness for FAT/SAT Metering Validation

Third Party (Independent) Commissioning Services / Site Acceptance Test

Operation and Maintenance of Flow Metering Systems

Support Services for Gas Chromatograph (GC), Sampling Systems and Process Analysers

Hands-on Metering Training and Troubleshooting

Independent Flow Measurement Metering Consultancy Services

Onsite Flow Meter Calibration Services

Flow Measurement Verification (Clamp-on)

Field Installed Base Audit


Prover Tank Method

  • 60 Liters Prover Tank
  • 100 Liters Prover Tank
  • 200 Liters Prover Tank
  • 3000 Liters Prover Tank
  • 6000 Liters Prover Tank

Master Meter Method with Flow Computer Proving System

  • 3”, 4” and 6” Master PD Meter
  • 4” and 6” Master Turbine Meter


Calibration Medium

  • Water
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene (Upon Request)

Flow Rate

  • Up to 400 m3/h (Max)

Reference Standard

API MPMS                    ISO                    AGA                    BS                    SIRIM BERHAD                    PETRONAS PPGUA                    SHELL DEP

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